Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Summer Trip To Seoul Day 3


Annyeong yeorobun~ (I'll continue to write like this till Day 5, I don't care! Ha-ha)

So..emm lets continue..we went to the east part of Seoul for our 3rd day itinerary. It takes for about 1 hour 30 minutes from Apgujeong Station to Gapyeong Station by subway (and ofcause you need to change lane. If you don't want to miss the train..don't sleep in train! haha). After we arrived at Gapyeong Station, we took a shuttle bus there to Nami Island. The bus will stop at every tourist attraction in Gapyeong. You can even use the ticket again for another stop. No need to buy a new one as it is actually a one day pass. So we just need to wait at the bus stop to go to the next location. 

Nami Island

To go to Nami Island or some of korean called it Namiseom. I'm sure many of you know this place. Yesss! The famous Korean Drama Winter Sonata was filmed here early 2000 if I am not mistaken. You can go to the island by Zip Wire or ferry but I chose ferry. Because the price for Zip Wire is quite expensive compared with ferry. If you want to try them. Google the price before you go because some of you might want to cut cost or what not. But if you insist on going by Zip Wire, please ensure that your backpack on that day is not heavy as they have a weight limit..cause you might want to go picnic in Nami on that day and bring many things (foods). Who knows? he-he. 

These people were queuing for ferry to go to Nami Island. The ferry arrived a few minutes after we bought the tickets. Thank god not many visitors on that day so we didn't wait too long. hehe. But still, I hope that we can get on the ferry and don't want to waste our time waiting for another ferry to come.  (Read: Maj-ji? / Am I right?)

Those mountains over there is Nami Island. It looks so near yet so far (Someone is missing the island right here Halo halo)

The ferry is actually very small compared with what we have in Malaysia. This is the picture right before we went on the ferry. hoho. So excited as I saw our national flag there.. but I couldn't take a selfie with our flag (tsk tsk too many people were queuing to go up there). So, we went up to the second floor. The view up here was amazing I tell you (not the people on the ferry lol). That is because maybe I love beach, I love waterfall I love all kind of nature that have a relationship with water. lol. But I can't swim. So this is kind of love hate relationship I guess. Haha~ What do you think?

People were actually doesn't really care about us. Because I was actually thought that they really think differently about us. Yeah you know what I mean? Wearing hijab strolling around. Lol. Maybe 'cause this was my first time travelling to a non-muslim country. I was a bit careful about this. Previously I went to East Coast but I doesn't seem to be worried about everything because it's Muslim Country you know. 

This is the important evidence that showed I was here in 2016. Luls. 

This is located near the entrance. It was quite windy here. Not very humid maybe because Nami Island had a lot of leaves on the trees haha and one thing for sure is because it was early Autumn during this time. A time for red maple leaves to say halooo~

and this is a convenience store which also located near the entrance and we were really exhausted due to a long journey to Nami Island. So we stepped in here for awhile. They have various types of drinks. You want tea? chocolate? juice? coffee? milk? You name it. Hahaha. This one (picture above) they only sell it for 1,300 won with a cup of ice in the freezer. So you just need to tear it up and pour them in the cup. Bajet bajet macam local lah beli air pastu masuk dalam cup sendiri. Hikhik

Rasa macam nak borong bawak balik je semua ni. Buat stok kan kan?

Emm.. so I chose Melon Uyu for our 3rd day. Nyum-my

This picture (above) was taken when I was walking around by myself. It's beautiful isn't it? I mean the Autumn season. You'll never get that feel in Malaysia. So why not to come here and appreciate the 4 seasons country.

So, for our lunch..we were actually want to try 도시락 (Read: Doshirak / Lunch Box Meal). But we ended up here at Asian Family Restaurant. Lapar sangat nok. They have halal menu for muslim people and I recognised some familiar faces during our lunch (ramai jugak melayu makan kat situ). The portion was quite large and enough to fuel us up till night. Burp~ Hehe. Kenyang. They also has a Musolla for Muslim. Don't worry, they are really Muslim-friendly here. That's why I want to go travel to Seoul in the first place. After that, we walked around a bit and we went to our next location.

Okay, picture below is the famous Bungee Jump in Gapyeong. You can see it in the most Korean variety shows. For example in Running Man and 2 Days 1 Night. Lets go to our next location. (why do I feel like I am running out of time?)

Petite France

We went to Petite France on the same day with Nami Island as it is located at the same location which is Gapyeong. 

To go here you just have to wait for a shuttle bus at Nami Island and use the same one day pass for a ride. The bus will take you to Petite France even if you don't ask them to. The bus will rotate the same destination every 30 to 45 minutes if I am not wrong. So you can plan your day for the trip for how long you want to stay at one place. You can get the pamphlet about the shuttle bus, fees and everything at the information center outside of Gapyeong Station. The staffs there will help you. 

So, here in Petite France it was previously famous for Korean drama My Love From The Star shooting location which starred by Kim Soo Hyun and Jun Ji Hyun. Even my self was so addicted with these two lovebird as I am practically really love historical based drama. Don't know why. However in this drama, they only had a few scenes during Joseon Dynasty. But still I watched the drama till end. Maybe because Soo-Hyun is so cute Hahaha k gurau.

After we ended our "look around" session, we went down the road to wait for the shuttle bus and we bought some ice cream at the convenience store which is in-front of Petite France. This kind of ice cream is a 'Must Try' item when you're visiting Korea. Ohhh and also I did sent some postcards to my friends and myself which I bought from here, Petite France. hahah. A note to myself. 

Namsan Tower

After the long walk around Gapyeong tourist attractions. We went to Namsan Seoul Tower but we arrived a bit late to the top of Namsan peak.  But whatever it was we still went up by walking from Myeongdong Subway exit 6 to the base of Namsan Mountain (you can actually take a bus to the base of Namsan Mountain and what we do was crazy haha). We use Namsan cable car to go to N Seoul Tower. It is the best way to reach N Seoul Tower with only takes 3 minutes and a glance of nature below and around you. 

(My view when I was in the cable car packed with people. Tsk Tsk)

And finally we arrived at N Seoul Tower (Ahhhh not yet, still had to walk more ahaa). 

We took some weird pose while walking to the top. Yolo.

Okay, now lets follow us to Namsan Tower!

Ohhh that is it.

Still far.. need to walk more.

Cak! It's me.

I did learn from the people there that the color shown on N Seoul Tower changed according to the air quality around Seoul. So people could plan the day before going out.

One of must try when you're in Seoul is the Churros at N Seoul Tower. The best in town they said.

The night view of Seoul City which is kind of similar to Kuala Lumpur aite? But what I'm sure about Seoul is that they have a very clear sky even during the day. I didn't see any cloud like in Malaysia and that's why they rarely had thunderstorm in their country. The weather is just so different you know and I kind of excited to experience these things. hikhik

The night view from N Seoul Tower wasn't that bad at all. It is because we only took photos and we couldn't show the real experience of night view from here to you guys. I am very sad. Okay lets end our 3rd day here from the top of Namsan peak. hehe. Goodnight from N Seoul Tower with love <3

p/s: We walked a lot for our 3rd day itinerary. Really exhausted but had to put a smile on the face. Lol and fyi, the postcard arrived a month after the trip. Lama jugak kan?


Monday, 31 October 2016

Summer Trip To Seoul Day 2


Annyeong yeorobun~

The Oppa's Syndrome is still here I guess hahaha. We started our 2nd day with bloated faces (bukan selalu belanja muka macam donut kembang kan?) plus I couldn't even open my eyes aaahh~ Dah macam penduduk tetap pulak sepet hahaha. We didn't get enough sleep as we off to sleep very late and had to get up early. So this was at Apgujeong subway station. Pagi pagi lagi Ajumma Ahjushi dah keluar pergi jalan jalan tau haha. 

We went to the west part of Seoul for our 2nd day mission!!~~ Be ready for a bit long post today 가자 ! (read: Ka-ja / Let's go!). Bianhe, I did speak korean a bit in Seoul.


I didn't remember how many stations we took to Hongdae but I'm pretty sure that we stopped at Hongik Univ Station hahaha. The subway is very neat and clean as you can see. Well, we were really took our time here taking some pictures for memories.. and guys we couldn't start our day without a bottle of uyu right? (read: milk). So I bought strawberry flavour on our way out to the exit but banana flavour is still on my bae list. When you had a chance, don't waste them. Try 'em all >_<

anddddd they also have a coffee flavour and I don't really like it. hahahaha. In Hongdae, we just walked around the street. We tried to find some restaurant here but end up walking to the next subway station. Couldn't even imagine how far have we walked hahaha plus it's summer guys. The heat is no joke I tell you. 

Luckily I'd some pit stops to share with you guys. Here we go, the randomly taken pictures and the pictures from EXO die hard fans hahaha. Mana je nampak muka EXO mesti snap. 

Ewha Woman University

Then we took another subway to Ewha. This picture below was taken right after we exit the subway. You just have to walk down the road and that is Ewha Woman University. There are a lot of cosmetic and apparel shops along the road. It's quite similar to Myeongdong but not very crowded as it only served the small portion of population around Ehwa. I really like the environment here. Swear. 

If you guys had watched Korean variety show 2 days 1 night you might know this staircase. They called it The Surplus Staircase where Taehyun and a guest (/) slash a foreign exchange student from France ate their lunch. You guys might be wondering how come a male student could study in Ewha (which is 'only' woman univ) and he is foreigner hahaha. But they said the university had some courses that only available in Ewha. So that's why they accept a male exchange students from time to time. 

This is a wall protest for the students or (an expression wall). They put a lot of art works here and there. But basically on the right side when I walked down toward The Surplus Staircase was all about protesting and on the left side as shown in the picture was all about art works from the student or outsiders I don't really know BUT seems like from the university students. I did some video recording when I was at Ehwa and posted it on Instagram. I wish I could upload the video here but the internet connection is not much of help hahaha. (I'm sorry)

After a bit of walking around Ewha we actually want to go straight to Bukchon Hanok Village. But ended up eating bingsu (read: ice shaved) at Coffe Bene due to sudden heavy rain. We stayed a bit long enough for us to edit and update our pictures on Instagram and cleaned up our memory card hehehe..

anddd I bought a melon bingsu at 14,000 won. This is big enough for you to eat alone HAHA. (sudden brain-freeze) lol. 

Bukchon Hanok Village

How do we get here? We used a lot of public transports as we were on backpackers and if you want to use subway, you have two options which are you can exit from Anguk Station or Gyeongbokgung Palace Station. Then you have to walk a bit and taddaaaa Bukchon Hanok Village. Hahaha. 

Actually I don't really know how to start my story about this Hanok Village. But considering that we put a lot of effort to come here (we actually lost our way to the village, crazy experience I tell you haha). But all the effort was worth it. So basically there are over 600 Korean traditional houses or they called it Hanok are situated between Gyeongbokgung and Changdeokgung Palace. 

Fyi, people are still living here and we had to stay quiet while walking around the neighborhood. One of the reason why I like to travel is that I get to learn and understand other's culture. Because I believe that when you do good, the good comes back to you. It's like give and take :)

They also sell a lot of cute stuffs. Even the socks pun comel haih. I did bought one and I regret not having bought as many as I could. Ruginyaaa T_T 


After exploring Bukchon Hanok Village, we went to Itaewon for our dinner as it's famous for Muslim restaurant plus the Seoul Mosque is also located in Itaewon. 

If you want to find a "halal" korean guy. Datang sini hohohoho noooo I'm kidding. This is a restaurant but I'm not sure what kind of restaurant. I guess they sell Pakistani foods since this is Itaewon plus there were a lot of Halal street foods. Halal Kebab is everywhere in Itaewon hahaha. 

So we made our decision and went to Eid Restaurant in Itaewon after a long walk around Hanok Village. It is a Halal Korean Restaurant owned by Korean Muslim. They also had one branch in Malaysia. The restaurant is located near the Mosque but a bit far from the subway station which we had to walk again. hahaha. But still worth every sweat as we ordered a big portions. We ate samgyetang (read: Ginseng Chicken Soup) and Dak Bulgogi (read: Korean Spicy Chicken). Sekejap je habis tau sebab lapar sangat. Hahahhahaha. 

After that we went straight to Line Friends Shop at the junction that we actually noticed on our way to the restaurant but we had no choice. We need to eat first because we were too hungry to walk T_T

So here we were at the Line Friends in Itaewon. Thank God the shop was still open when we came back. But still we didn't buy anything here. The price was quite expensive and we were just taking some pictures around the photo spot haha. Pusing pusing pastu keluar >.<.

They also had another Line Shop in Myeongdong and the same Mr. Brown bear. But in Itaewon, I didn't have to wait for a long queue to snap a picture with this Mr. Brown compared in Myeongdong. Bless me hahaha. 

Dongdaemun Design Plaza

One selca won't hurt right?  

It also called the DDP and designed by Zaha Hadid and Samoo. DDP was selected as one of the Top 52 places to visit in 2015 by the New York Times (it's okay pergi 2016 pun boleh >.<) plus it is a major urban development landmark in Seoul.

This is when I'd still couldn't believe that I was in Seoul and I sent the picture of South Korea flags to my mom (little girl sent some updates to her mom) lol.

Close-up LED Rose Garden at DDP

Thank God we had the chance to take a look at these 22,550 electronic roses as the operation is only available until 31st October 2016 based on what I read. But I don't know if the exhibition will be extended to another few years due to impressive responses. That will be great right? Hmm. 

Ada orang tengah shooting pula. Patutlah ramai je orang tepek kat tepi. Tapi tak nampak siapa >.<

Our 2nd day trip was the most productive day ever. We even took a taxi for the first time to the guesthouse as it was already after midnight and the subway ended their operation at 1am. Thus, we didn't have any other choice. Eventho it was a bit expensive compared to subway but we had an experience of night view on Seoul's roadway.  

p/s: We had to cover a lot of activities in our 2nd day slot. A bit tired but still survived. ^^