Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Tips: Foods struggles


This is so random. I mean this entry. I rarely update about tips. Okay, lets continue? Foods are our besties like ever. But sometimes, they're also your invisible enemy I guess and how to overcome it?? Well, let's go through the Questions and Answers. Baca sampai habis baru faham. Tak nak tak per :)

SET 1.
QSometimes, bila lapar kita akan makan lebih dari kita perlu tanpa disedari. So, how do we stop binge eating?
A: First thing first, have a healthy snack before you head out for your meal and avoid eating alone. When you eat with people, you tend to eat slower and more sopan santun. Alahai.. Take note for this, don't eat while doing something, playing video games or watching TV.

SET 2.
QMost people in the world got a sweet tooth and craving for sweet things, especially chocolate and how do they avoid it? I do love ICE CREAM more than chocolate :3
A: For me, it's normal to have a sweet tooth as it's very difficult untuk halang orang benci benda yang mereka suka kan kan? Well, the normal chocolate bar contain high in calories, so try to change them for a bitter chocolate or yang sesuai untuk diabetes which is no sugar. Bukan nak suruh awak awak ni makan macam orang sakit. hahaha. Bukan camtu. Just less in sugar contain je. Hahaha.

SET 3.
QSayur tu nampak tak sedap lahh. TAK SUKA TAK SUKA :/
A: Okay, selalunya ramai yang akan cakap macam ni. Mostly kanak kanak lah kan. Biasalah, healthy food memang jarang orang suka. So, try to adapt the veges by cutting them into small pieces. Haha. Macam budak budak je tak suka sayur ;)

QI can't seem to eat on time. It's really important to have lunch at noon? 
A: Penting makan pada waktu. At least you need to have six small meals a day. Walaupun tak lapar, kena jugak makan atau minum. Skipping meals can cause gastric and this will lead to stomach ulcers, yang mana memang sakit gila. Tapi aku tak pernah kena lahh sebab aku kuat makan. Hihi :D


Local foods kebanyakannya sangat 'merbahaya'. Ahaks. Macam nasi lemak char kuew teow ni lah. Tapi boleh je nak makan. So kena depend on cara dia dimasak. Okay? 

p/s: #YOLO 


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Unknown said...

aku slalu makan sambil tengok movie, makan x ikut masa & tak makan sayur.. cmana la nak sihat kalau camni kan??huhuhu..