Saturday, 5 May 2018

Summer Trip To Seoul Day 4


Lets make it short for our fourth day here in Seoul. If you're kpopers. You should be jealous right now. Lol. No I am just kidding. So basically I've been busy with my working life ( I mean year of 2017) as I didn't have time to update about our trip after the Summer Trip To Seoul Day 3. It has been a year already guys (refer back to previous update). I'm feeling awful right now.

I'm really going to update a lot after this. I promise.

So guys, these are our summary of 4th Day in Seoul.

K-Star Road

We went to K-Star Road in Apgujeong Rodeo Street by Subway of cause, But you can also walk if you want especially when you're staying at our Guest House in Apgujeong. But No thanks. It's kinda hot in the afternoon. If you're insist on walking and know the short cut to go there. That's not the main problem for you guys ;)

While walking around looking for the Kpop Agency. Cewah. I'm not that 23 years old (because i'm 25 now girl) anymore to be feeling excited while talking about these kpop thingy because I am now more into dramas.. But lets finish this Day 4 which full of kpop excitements >.<

So, here is one of the picture that was taken during the 4th day. I tak tahu who is he. Maybe he is an actor or maybe he is a model.

For the picture below, it is a hand prints of few idols. I found 'em on my way to exit the subway station. HAHAHA. Their hands are kinda small actually. (Normal for Asian people maybe?)

This is the K-Star Road. They have a lot of Bear look like or Mouse?? Oh my god, couldn't really differentiate what are them. But surely they are cute. Haha.

On our way to find the Kpop Agencies. HAHAHA. Wait. I'm currently laughing writing these. So yeay, WE WERE ACTUALLY SAW SOME KPOP STAR'S CARS along this road. So we followed the road to actually found some of these agencies below.

We went to FNC Entertainment which one of the very first group idol that I really know; Jung Hwa (CNBlue) or Lee Hong Ki (FT-Island).

Below is the old building of SM Entertainment, I bet they already moved to the new Building located somewhere near there.

JYP, the building is smaller compared to SME. But it is located in front of some kind of korean typical hipster cafe and a lot of kpop fans waiting for their idols there. We just snapped some pictures and walk away. Takut kena serang plak. hahaha

The below pictures are SM Town, it is kind of like museum or mall for SME? I don't really know. I couldn't finish exploring the whole floors at SM Town. 

But I've got something for myself from SMTown! (I've got myself a puzzle of Kai face (the middle one). I repeat, Puzzle!) as below picture which cost definitely not worth the money. Haha. Too costly but who can resist 'nafsu' guys? So yeah.

By the way, they also providing a lot of Tax Refund Kiosk a round the city actually.

So here are some eye candy for you guys.

Dongdaemon Design Plaza (DDP)

Dongdaemon Design Plaza (DDP). We went for the 2nd time for just some pictures. It is because its already midnight the first time we went to the DDP.

p/s: Before went back to our Guest House, we just walked around the city to get some souvenirs for our family and friends at Namdaemun Market. That's all for our 4th Day. ~5th Day Coming Soon~