Thursday, 26 December 2013

End of 2013


It's the end of 2013 but I am not welcoming 2014 either. 

Enough said. I really want time to stop. Ugh. Assignments, tutorial, lecturers' nagging, love problem, unexpected future, heart damages (it sounds more sarcastic). What else? I can't even list those things up here. Hahaha. This is life man. A life of a student. Expected to be fun. Heh. In you dream please.

Final year. I found it hard. Tak paham jadah apa pun aku belajar. Except for that one subject yang aku suka which is construction technology. Lol. Maybe all I need is to put my heart in every subjects. So that, semua subjects aku suka? hahaha. Makes sense lah jugak kan. 

Two weeks for mid term break. Such a bless. Sebab duduk rumah boleh cerita lah. Hehe. Boleh makan anything yang kau demand selama ni tak dapat dekat university ofcause you can get it here at home niggas. 

Even it looks like hectic weeks. Gahh. Aku selalu je ada masa nak layan Running Man. Hahaha. Yeahh need to go somewhere at least for this weekend. What's your opinion? Kinokuniya (countless knowledge)? Movies-marathon (when I'm alone it looks pathetic)? Hunting foods? (when I'm alone it looks even disaster).


(it comes across)

p/s: Yeahh. You, read here. This part is for you. Main main dengan hati I. Ingat anak patung ke? Bila tak perlu you buang macam tu je. Tapi takper. I tak kesah pun. Sebab tak ada side effect pun. Haha. Banyak lagi benda nak fikir ^^ 


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