Thursday, 20 October 2016

Summer Trip To Seoul Day 1


Annyeong yeorobun (acah kpop cikit). Finally I had a time to write about my not so called travel journey. Haha. But at least what I am about to write in here could give you some picture on how the journey of travelling together. So here we go, four people with one stand tripod went to Seoul for five days! 

First let me introduce this girl with green shawl plus her sunburned face. That's me. Excuse my not so called tanned skin haha cause I'd a trip to Tadom Hill a few days before. Next to me is my cousin. She's one year older than me. You can call her Syira. What makes me so happy with this trip is that every each of us got sunburned due to our outdoor activities before we went to Seoul hahaha and hell yeah we rock the Seoul (read: soul). lol. 

6 Hours on flight 

We took 1 am flight on 22nd Aug expecting that we could sleep for the whole journey on flight but we don't even get any power nap at all. So nervous sebab nak jumpa oppa kot?! >.< (read: bogummy) hikhik 

Arrived at Incheon Airport at 8:52 am. 

The Airport is very nice. So clean and big I must say. Next, we went for baggage claim area.. nak kutip bag pun kena naik train alahai..A very long way to go..

Before that, we need T-Money to travel around Seoul and you can use it either for subway or bus or even taxi. Very easy and I love it. Luckily you can purchase the T-Money at all subway ticket booths or even some convenience stores at the Airport, 7Eleven or GS25.

But for us, we already got the T-Money for free from Korea Tourism Organisation (KTO) in Malaysia and we just re-filled them for 30,000 Won each. You can always check the balance beforehand at the ticket booths. So don't worry.

We took another one and half hours more to reach to our guesthouse in Apgujeong. Some might be wondering why we chose to stay in Apgujeong. For us, we didn't care about the accommodation cost even it's a bit expensive compared to the backpackers hostel. The reason why we stayed in Apgujeong is because it's our first time in Seoul and the guesthouse is owned by Malay and it's easy for us to communicate and everything. No other reason than that. 

But still, you can walk around Apgujeong and could catch a glimpse of Kpop artists. If bertuah nampak, congratulation in advance. But all I can say is even the workers in convenience stores looks like idols. So tangkap gambar dengan diorang jela. haha. And we walked in front of Kim Tae Woo office building everyday to Apgujeong subway station. Yang dalam Oh my baby tu..saja nak bagitahu huhu. But all we can see is his cars and pak guard. Lol. Susah boleh nak nampak?!

We arrived at the guesthouse around 11.30 am. So we put our bags and rented one WiFi Egg at the guesthouse and then went out for our brunch. Suddenly, this one Ajumma pop out of nowhere said "yeogi yeogi". Hahah and we called her "Ajumma Yeogi" every time we saw her. Bianhe Ajumma >.<

The restaurant is located beside our guesthouse and the owner also recommend to eat here as they already know what we can eat and everything. This is my first food in Seoul..the grilled fish was very delicious. Can't find any yang rasa sama kat malaysia. ikan dia time ni tak sampai lagi haha.

Banana uyu. I love this flavor out of all. A must try if you're in Korea.


Our first hot spot is Myeongdong. We were on our foods hunting or you can read it as cosmetics hunting hahahaha. I don't want to write much about Myeongdong because every picture tells a story. Only by looking at the pictures you'll know how does it feels.

Hello young lady, excuse my face >.<

Not really into make-up and everything but still I bought something lels. COULD'NT RESIST NOT TO BUY THEM plus it's cheaper here >-< and basically we went to Myeongdong everyday until midnight. Can't even recall why we went there everyday. lol. 

Here goes the nightlife in Myeongdong. So much cosmetic shops plus foods!! hahaha. However, you need to be careful about what you eat for Muslim people as it may not be halal. So for me, I don't buy anything that is cooked with meat or hot dog. Even if they sell vegetable flavor on the same menu with meat flavor. I still don't buy them because I don't know how they made it. So you need to control yourself. If you really want to try them, then ask about the ingredients. Don't worry they don't bite you :)

The girl with soft purple shawl is my cousin's friend and her sister (Grey Shawl). She's really into EXO. I was like her before I know Bogummy. Sorry lah aku cepat move on.

We went for some food hunting to end our night. Then, I saw this one halmeoni making some korean old-fashioned sugar candy and I bought one. I don't remember how much it was..maybe about 1,000- 2,000 Won..

Then suddenly a group of white-collar workers came near us and start a conversation. Baru balik kerja lah tu haha. They were really nice and tall ofcause. They also taught us how to actually eat the sugar candy and we played some game with the candy together. Tak takut pulak orang korea ni dengan kitorang kan? What you need to do is you have to try not to break the shape on the sugar candy while eating them and the one who still have the shape wins.

This guy here is really famous. He can talk Malay duh. He talks a lot until at one point when he starts talking about our Prime Minister's name and his wife.. I felt like what the.. Haha stop it. Kat youtube bersepah muka dia ni. 

Actually we have to go to Namsan Tower after Myeongdong. But it turns out that the time dragged as we walked around Myeongdong street. Can't help to not consider others' desires. Sum up of my first day in Seoul.

p/s: My first day was great.  


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