Saturday, 13 August 2016

Tadom Hill Experience.


Hi!  *awkward*

I've been busy lately as I'm about to finish my degree *thesis tak hardbound lagi*. Just received my final semester result yesterday. It was very unpredictable I must say..Thankyou to my mom and the whole family for giving me such strength to go through the whole process of completing my degree year. To the lecturers which I DIDN'T EXPECT to get this far with such results :')  To my friends that were always there listen to all my complaints about studies, friendships and life. The struggled we had together during exam weeks.. it's gonna be the best thing in my life as a student. I'm very lucky to have them as my friends. Thankyou. See you guys at convocation!

Now let's get back to the main topic, TADOM HILL.

Tadom wasn't the first option for our final vacation because we planned on travelling to Penang for food hunting. Omaigod. Who's going to say NO to food kan? But we ended up here in Tadom Hill. hahaha and still I'm having a great experience. Jumping and kayaking and experiencing all those adventures here with friends.

So I've completed one of my life mission which to overcome my fear of deep water and height. It was really cool as I jumped into the water from both platform and swing. Not really bad and I wasn't that scared of it... because I had the life jacket on. Hahahaha. But heyy, life jacket is a MUST as the water density is bit different from sea water which you'll feel heavy.

Monopod ni je mampu ^^.

Excuse our sunburn faces.

The ticket price is RM 20.00/person and we went there on weekday and stayed for about 6 hours played nothing but water. Hahahahaha. It can be a bit crowded on weekends, so plan your day.  

As everything can be done by searching on the internet, such as location, price and facilities. Therefore, I didn't update much about those things.

For booking and to know more about the latest update like price, activities and facilities at Tadom Hill? Just go to the website or click here: Tadom Hill Resorts . Picture credit to Dila.

p/s: I finished my degree with not so flying colours but everything worth my effort. Alhamdulillah, I'm very grateful ^^,


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