Sunday, 31 January 2016

Here at ArtoPanda


It's already 2016 and it's kind of late to wish Happy New Year here. haha. I know.. But still, it's NEW YEAR GUYSSSS ^-^

Here, one of my first activity in 2016 and I'm kind of happy. Well said. This one is a very good therapy actually as you can take your time relaxing yourself while doing your artsy work here at ArtoPanda. 

My cousin and I were actually want to go to District 21. However, there was a bit problem as I didn't wear a proper attire. My fault k and as we were walking around we finally found this one of a kind shop. Luls. It's actually a coincident but it's cool.. "the staffs there were actually looks like oppas. Oh My God that is why we went there?!" kekekekeke. okay I'm joking. 

You also can buy and do your artsy works at home or at the shop. Your choice.

I was actually a bit uncomfortable like when those Aunts and Uncles watching us doing our works. Kind of "Hmmm. Aunty stop looking at us. Aiyoo". Lama pulak tu tenung. haih. 

The shop is located at 1st Floor Level, IOI Mall Putrajaya.

p/s: i'm currently doing my job as a daughter at home. haha. you know what i mean ^_^ #girlsstruggle 


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